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Some Bollywood Celebrities Real Names

Do you know many of Bollywood Stars don’t use their original names on the Screen? Here is the list of some famous Bollywood actors with their original names. Hope this will be an interesting topic which will add up to your existing Bollywood knowledge:

Aamir Khan – Aamir Hussain Khan
Ajay Devgan – Vishal Devgan
Ajit – Hamid Ali Khan
Amitabh Bachchan – Amit Srivastav
Ashok Kumar - Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly
Akshay Kumar – Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia
Balraj Sahani – Yudhisthir Sahani
Bobby Deol – Vijay Singh Deol
Dev Anand – Devdutta Pishorimal Anand
Dhramendra – Dharam Singh Deol
Dilip Kumar- Yusuf Khan
Govinda – Govinda Arun Ahuja
Gurudutt – Vasanth Kumar Shiv Shankar Padukone
Jitendra – Ravi Kapoor
John Abraham – Farhan Abraham
Johnny Liver – John Rao Janumala
Kamal Haasan- Alwarpettai Aandavar (Sorry It is called by his fans Meaning GOD)
Kishore Kumar – Abhas Kuman Ganguly
Kumar Gaurav – Manoj Tulli
Lucky Ali – Maqsood Mehmood Ali
Madhubala – Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi
Mahima Chaudhry – Ritu Chaudhry
Mallika Sherawat – Reema Lamba
Manoj Kumar – Harikishan Goswami
Meena Kumari - Mahjabeen Bano
Mithun Chakraborty – Gauranga Chakraborty
Nana Patekar – Vishwanath Patekar
Rajesh Kahanna – Jatin Khanna
Raj Kapoor – Ranbir Raj
Raj Kumar – Kulbhushan Pandit
Rajni Kant – Shivaji Rao Gaeikwad
Rekha – Bhanurekha Ganesan
Salman Khan- Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan
Sanjeev Kumar – Haribhai Jariwala
Shammi Kapoor – Shamsher Raj Kapoor
Shashi Kapoor – Balbirraj Kapoor
Sunil dutt – Balraj Dutt
Sunny Deol – Ajay Singh Deol
Tuntun : Uma Devi Khatri

Charmee Raring To Wear Bikini

With bikinis raining in Tollywood one heroine who is feeling left out is Charmee who is desperately waiting to get into the sexy attire and prove to the world what a sexy figure she has.

Charmee apparently has been left out of the rat race as she has not been offered the type of roles in last year or she, the actress is being confined to small budget films which have more banked on her acting skills and not on her glamour quotient.

But the actress now feels it is high time that she too jumps into the bikini bandwagon and if insider news is to be believed then she is in touch with some directors (read Krishna Vamsi) to create space in their movies for her bikini acts, one thing is sure and that is, we will all see the hot Charmee in a bikini sooner or later.

Hero Ram starts Blog

Hero Ram turns out to be the first frontline Telugu hero of Telugu cinema to blog. He launched :: Welcome - ::for his birthday this year and added blogging recently. This website also features extensive information of all his movies. Let us hope that Ram will keep the blog updated at regular intervals

Namitha’s weakness exposed

The voluptuous and buxom beauty Namitha who has been ruling the roost when it comes to the southern circuit has always been known for her fleshy oomph and while the entire bandwagon of starlets have been running towards the size zero figures and slender sizzles, Namitha has always stood ground and stood the role model for nativity beauty.

However, off late she is said to be working hard on cutting down her flab and for this she let go of her most favorite food –chicken.It is heard that Namitha has a major weakness for Chicken but the temptation got the better of her in no time and there she was going at it again. However, in order to compensate for that, she is said to be working on few special exercises.

CHIRU's unfinished business

Santhi Nivas is the film of Chiru and it was shot in 1979.UV Babu was the director. Bhaskar Naidu who hails from Nellore was the producer for the film. He was the close friend of Chiru's father Konidela Venkat Rao.He is the guy who helped Chiru to join Madras Film institute.

Chiru was taken as villain in the film and Madhavi was roped opposite Chiru in this film.

Story--Chiru and Madhavi are wife and husband in the film.Chiru troubles Madhavi in the film for money. Finally Madhavi chooses flush business in the film. After seeing this, Chiru changes his character...The film's shoot was completed after taking long time. In 1984 songs LP record was released.

The prints were placed in Saradha labs ,Chennai and the prints were shifted to Vijaya Lab from Sharadha lab. The prints were misplaced while shifting and they couldn't find the prints of Shanthi Nivas.The film couldn't be released there after.

Another important point in this film is- Dilip-was introduced as Mixing assistant and he is today's A R Rahman



These two films couldn't complete their shoot and these two films started their shoot beforeChiru becoming Megastar.

After becoming Megastar- another 3 films couldn't complete their shooting part.

1.Vajrala Donga
2.Bhooloka Veerudu
3.Abhi- The Bhaghdhad Donga -English film
4. A film directed by RGV

Chiru reveals the secret behind his name

Chiru was speaking to channel yesterday said ' It was 1978, My first film Punadhi Rallu released. When I saw my name Siva Shankara Prasad on screen, I felt odd with that lengthy name'. One day, I had a dream-In that dream , I was offering prayers to lord in a temple, a friend from out side the temple was calling me as Chiranjeevi raaa. Immediately I asked him whom you are calling, he replied as 'you'.; till that time, I don't know that there is name called Chiranjeevi.'

Chiru further adds ' I explained everything about my dream to my mother, She said that she is the devotee of Anjaneya Swami and Chiranjeevi is the other name for the Lord, and asked me to think about the Chiranjeevi name for screen name in the films'.

One day, in a interview with media, they have asked my name and I replied it as 'Chiranjeevi'. In that way, still I feel Lord Hanuman was the friend who called me Chiranjeevi in my dream'.

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Superstars in Platinum Jubilee of Kannada Cinema

In a world, where people are divided on various panoramas of Nationalities, languages and more, it’s ‘Cinema’ that calls off everything. Yeah! When sometimes, there’s sort of hard feelings are enkindled between these two states, it’s both the film industries that make things amicable. Over for a long time, both the personalities of Kannada and Tamil Film industry have been sharing good rapport. Of course, even our Superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have performed so splendidly in many Kannada flicks. As a matter of fact, our versatile filmmakers ‘Balu Mahendra’ (Kokkila) and ‘Mani Rathnam’ (Pallavi Anu Pallavi) made their debut directorial in Kannada Film industry. Now as the Kannada Film Industry celebrates it’s Platinum Jubilee, both Superstar Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have confirmed about their presence for this gracious occasion to be held between March 1-3. Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa would be inaugurating the Amrutha Mahotsava from 7pm-11pm.

Aishwarya’s denial about Ravan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is currently camping in Kolkata where Mani Ratnam’s forthcoming film Ravan is being shot. Ash disclosed that though her role is similar to the epic character Sita, the name in which she is called in the film is different.
However, the actress refused to divulge any further details about Ravan although she added that Ravan is an intense film. While Ash joined the Ravan team
the Ravan team on February 17th, Abhishek Bachchan is expected to join her sometime soon. Sources close to the Ravan unit say that the shooting will go on till the end of March
Ravan also has Vikram and Priyamani in important roles. The film is directed by ace director Mani Ratnam.

Asin’s constant escort

It is quite common in the film circuit for mothers of actresses to accompany them where they go. However, in Asin’s case it is her father who has taken up the role. Joseph Thottumkal is accompanying her wherever she goes. Recently, the star’s dad was spotted by her side when she attended the Women Achievers’ Awards function.
Sources have it that Joseph Thottumkal is now spending so much time with his daughter that he
could end up winding his business. Mr. Thottumkal is currently in Mumbai scouting for a home for Asin, raising the speculations that the actress could shift her base to Bollywood permanently.

Aftermath of the Oscars

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won eight Oscars out of the ten nominations at the Academy awards presented on 22nd February. But seldom, the ceremony had an aftermath effect which is now prevalent all over India. Things kicked off when Fox Pictures volunteered to sponsor the kids who were part of the cast, for their trip to Los Angeles to grace the Academy award function. The elated children’s joy knew no bounds as they flew from Mumbai straight to Hollywood. A special treat awaited them on the other side when they were also escorted to the Disney land for a pleasure trip followed by their elegant attendance during the Oscars. Child actors Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali, 9, who are slum dwellers will be sponsored for their education till they turn 18 by the production house. Similar to the rags-to-riches story, these kids are now going to live on the brighter side of life with proper education and maybe in a posh apartment as the government of Maharashtra has announced two flat allotments for their family. A tax exemption has also been proclaimed for the Oscar winners for the cash awards received. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has revoked the life of slums in Mumbai as foreign tourists are keen to take a tour into the locales, especially Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi. Tour operators worked round-the-clock and designed special packages to guide tourists around the area. News reports says that even Mumbai residents are showing interest to walk through the slums which they used to pass through without a second glance in the past. Latest updates reveal that Fox Pictures are raising funds to facilitate Dharavi and develop it into a residential area for the people to live in a healthy atmosphere. Till now, it is being said about 6 crores have been collected and it is expected to increase with the time to come. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is not just the story of an ordinary guy who becomes a millionaire but also the messiah for the slums and its residents in Mumbai who are looking forward for a change in future. All said done, now will our production companies volunteer to undertake such efforts for people’s well being? Or at least a step forward to help the cast for a better living? When they are all busy thriving to rake in moolah with the star value, we really wonder if this is possible for reality.

Jaycee Chan’s desires to act in Bollywood film!

Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan admits that unlike his famous dad he is scared of stunt scenes and getting hurt. The actor entered the limelight in the year 2004 with Twins Effect II, a Chinese film. Jaycee Chan has several facets to his personality such as actor, singer, lyricist, composer, and guitarist.
He also revealed that he is open to experimentation. Jaycee said that he likes Indian music and songs and is eager to star in a Bollywood film. The actor’s
Taiwanese film The Invisible Target, will hit the screens in India on Friday (27th February) in both English as well as Hindi.

Obama’s connection with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

Maybe the theme of ‘Rags to Richs’ or ‘ A boy from slums turning into millionaire at a overnight’ should’ve admired Obama as he wants United States to lead now ahead away from Economic crisis. Perhaps, not alone this one, but ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ sweeping on with 8 Oscars should’ve urged him to watch this film.
Yeah! US President Barack Obama would be watching ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ shortly. As one of his spokesperson from White House conveyed this message to the media channels, the entire team of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was awestruck.
Perhaps, it would be another gracious occasion where A.R. Rahman would be shaking hands with the Obama now.

‘Slumdog’ Kids acquire luxurious apartments

Again, it happens to be ‘Slumdog’ Mania all over the World. Now the kids Azharuddin Ismail and Rubina Rafiq who played the role of little Jamal and Lathika would feel-like-paradise. They can now quit their slum homes and enter into a luxurious apartment offered by Government of Maharashtra.
On Tuesday Night, the Government made an official statement that each kid would be offered with a new apartment.
Azharuddin Ismail Shaikh Usman and Rubina Rafiq Asghar Ali Qureshi are residents of Garib Nagar slum in Bandra East, Mumbai.
Chief Minister Ashok Chavan much elated with their History-Making Oscars announced gifting the two a flat each from the chief minister's quota.

Exclusive - interview with A.R. Rahman

Winning laurels at Oscars, A.R. Rahman returned Chennai yesterday and there he met the media channels. brings you the exclusive chat with the Modern Day Mozart who hadn’t given up his simplicity though he had created history.
A.R. Rahman with ‘2 Oscars’ for his ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ speaks…
Much before taking up the project, did you think ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ will win Oscars?
Not at all! I did my earnest best for the film. The film won awards…
How did you feel while receiving the award?
Nothing different from the feel I had while bagging award for ‘Roja’.
Did Director Mani Rathnam greet you?
While I had set to Los Angeles for awards, he greeted me. But then, after reaching Chennai I’ve been trying for his mobile, but he’s not reachable.
Is it true that you will tuning a new melody for ‘Tamizh Thai Vaazthu’?
Sure, once Vairamuthu completes penning lyrics, I will start composing melodies. Also we’re planning to tune ‘Thirukural’.
And now, being an ‘International Personality’ would you score music for new directors?
Definitely, why not. But they should be brimming with a good script and indeed the team should be good. If the film isn’t fine, audiences will throw even the music.
How come did you speak Oscars at Award Function?
It was an intrinsic feeling and my inner soul urged me to do so.
You have been composing for enormous films. Can you tell us which film did you think would fetch Oscars?
I was so confident that Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ would take on for a great show. Your opinion about criticisms of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’…
It’s only in our country we treat dogs so badly. But in foreign countries they are taken care as pets with more respect.
We heard that you’re going to come up with new plans in your Trust….
Surely, all my concern is about eradicating poverty throughout the World that none should struggle for their basic necessities.
How do you feel about Sri Lankan issue?
Not just in Sri Lanka, I always pray that there should be peace all throughout the globe and everyone should live happily without wars.
Any plans about getting into politics?
Oh!! (Laughs) Definitely not…
So, how would you like to connect ‘Oscars’ with ‘Tamil Cinema’ now?
At the moment, a strong bridge has been established between our Tamil Film Industry and ‘Oscars’. Youngsters inspired by this should go ahead fulfilling their dreams with the mantra ‘Nothing is impossible’…
Finally, A.R. Rahman lifting his Oscars for photo session thanked everyone for being supportive to him. He took off so gently with an enchanting smile…

Did Rajini wish Rahman?

The Superstar has always been one among the first to offer his wishes and congratulations to the achievers and talented people. Be it Bala’s Naan Kadavul or the young team of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Rajinikanth has always had few good things to say. But when A.R. Rahman won the Oscars, there was no news from Rajinikanth’s side offering his wishes. Rajini’s fans and Rahman’s fans have been wondering if the Superstar had conveyed his wishes to the Mozart of Madras.

Sources close to Rajini say that he may greet the musician in a proper platform such as the grand event organized by the Tamil Film Producers’ Council or at the function to held by the Music Directors’ Association.
With both Rajini and Rahman known for their simplicity, it is also possible that the former could have wished him earlier on phone, sms, email or in person away from the prying eyes of the media.
Meanwhile, we have news that Rajini’s friend had delivered a bouquet of flowers to A.R. Rahman when he was on his tour to a mosque in Andhra Pradesh.

Srikanth’s birthday gift!

Actor Srikanth was blessed with a boy baby this morning. His wife Vandhana delivered the baby at the Apollo Hospital, Chennai today. The couple underwent a lot of hardship and finally married last year amidst huge controversy. Another unique feature is that the father and son were both born on the same day. According to Srikanth, he has received a very special birthday gift from his wife. Asked if he expected a boy child, he stated that being aware of the difficulties a mother faces in her life, he has come to adore his mother and respect his wife for the
hardship they have undergone. Therefore, he said that it does not matter if it is a boy or girl. He also stated that the baby and mother were doing fine at the hospital

Shiva Balaji weds Madhumitha

Wedding bells are ringing aloud this season with Shiva Balaji and Madhumitha’s marriage set to be held on 10:36 AM March 1st, at Hyderabad. Madhumitha stepped into Tamil cinema in actor-director Parthiban’s ‘Kudaikkul Mazhai’ and later had a slew of good films like ‘Englishkaran’, ‘Arai En 305-il Kadavul’, ‘Amudhe’, ‘Naalai’, ‘Yogi’, ‘Solla Solla Inikkum’, ‘Nalvaravu’ and ‘Kadhal Meipada’. She has a special place in the industry with non-glamour roles and more oriented towards performance in Kollywood. Actor Shiva Balaji debuted with ‘Idhi Maa Ashok Gadi Love Story’ and got recognized among Telugu audience with his prominent role in ‘Arya’ besides Allu Arjun. He had also enacted in films like ‘Ela Cheppanu’, ‘Sankranthi’, ‘Chandamama’ and ‘Annavaram’. The film ‘Englishkaran’ starring Sathyaraj served as the base of love for Madhumitha and Shiva Balaji (played the second hero). Their acquaintance during the film’s shoot developed into friendship and later blossomed into love. With mutual consent from the families, the couple got betrothed in August last year and their marriage will take place tomorrow on 1st March

Is Ajith Kumar pairing up with Kamal Haasan?

Kamal Haasan had earlier given more opportunity to Madhavan in couple of his films. Looks like it’s Ajith Kumar who would be his next option. Now buzzes are that Kamal Haasan would be roping in Ajith to play a prominent role for his ‘Thalaivan Irukiran’ that’s a remake of Hindi Film ‘A Wednesday’.
It was a role that was enacted by Jimmy Shergil in Hindi version. The shooting will hit the floors from March 8 and Mohan Lal would join the sets from March 23.
Kamal Haasan’s close friend Chakri, US based Ad Filmmaker makes his debut in Kollywood as a director

Harris Jayaraj flees to Bollywood

It’s yet another dreamful journey for Harris Jayaraj. The musician had earlier tuned melodies for the ‘Minnale’ remake ‘Rehana Hai Tere Dil Mein’ directed by Gowtham Menon. But now as both Harris and Gowtham parted away, he was quite distressed.
But, he has Murugadoss now taking him to Bollywood for his next directorial that will have Shah Rukh Khan himself in lead role. Shah Rukh Khan would be producing the film under his home banner Red Chillies.
Script works are going on now and Shah Rukh would make the official announcement shortly.

Trisha In Marmayogi

Trisha In MarmayogiIt is now almost certain that Trisha is going to play Kamal Haasan’s heroine in his magnum opus Marmayogi.

The producers of the film Rajkamal and Pyramid Saimira are keeping it under wraps till they complete the photo-shoot of the film in a Mumbai studio.

Meanwhile, Trisha has told her close friends that she is thrilled about being Kamal’s heroine, and she is preparing for the role by learning sword fighting and horse riding.

Trisha has also wrapped up her two pending assignments in Tamil — Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum and Vishnuvardhan’s Sarwam , and will complete her Telugu film Nagarjuna’s King by September end. The buzz is that Gautam Menon’s Chennayil Oru Mazhaikalam has been put on the backburner. To accommodate Kamal, Trisha has also opted out of two Telugu films —Venkatesh’s Krishnum Vande Jagadguru directed by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi ( of Gamyam fame) and Ravi Teja’s next film to be directed by Surendar (of Anthanokkade fame). The busy actress has agreed to block nearly 200 days for the film. It seems that Trisha has decided to give her best for Marmayogi.

trisha vs nayanthara

Trisha on the urge of pulling down the kollywood queen Nayanthara. This has happened already in Vijay’s Kuruvi, where Nayanthara was first opted to star him opposite in the female lead role and then all of sudden of Trisha replaced her. No valid reasons of replacing this missy and now similar scenarios seems to be prevailing with K.S. Ravikumar’s next project that will gear up after completing Jaggubhai.

Chian Vikram (Hero of the film) plays a dual role and the film has couple of heroines where stylish sleek alluring missy Ileana has been roped and Nayanthara was opted to play another heroine. But, then for unknown reasons, there started a slight tug-of-war between Nayanthara and Trisha. Now, K.S.Ravikumar is in deep perplexed moods on deciding whom to rope in. Well, any guesses how Trisha appeared on this scene? Of course, Trisha happens to be the close pet of Vikram and probably it would have been his suggestion of roping in Trisha.

After Nayanthara broke up with her relationship with Simbhu, she started topping the chart sweeping over Trisha’s market. Probably, this would have pushed Trisha to get on Nayan by linking her with Simbhu again. Earlier, during Tamil Nadu Artists Association strike that was held last month, Trisha who was seated next to Nayanthara suddenly disappeared letting in Simbhu to take the seat next to Nayanthara.

So, now there is a heavy competition for the title kollywood queen again and only good knows who is the winner to possess the title. Let we wait for the surprise.

Sexiest Sari-Exposing On Screen

This is the age of bikini and swim suits and micro skirts that reveal the best of legs and luscious cleavages. However, till date many of the audience feel that the best bet to get aroused has always been the sari and watching women in sarees has been the most tempting point of going high for them.

Now, here is one girl who seems to know this and true to her style, she has gone ahead and come up with few raunchy poses in a sari. She is none other than Teertha who is making her debut with the film 'Sontha Ooru' as a heroine. The hero of this film is the first multiplex hero Raja.

Teertha is draped in this green sari and those who saw this have been going green with envy looking at her curves and her tempting looks. The film is currently gearing up for release and the makers have been creating quite a lot of curiosity with these spicy stills.

Bhavana willing to show her secrets for fame and money

Film industry is said to be the launch pad to many celebrities in fetching money and fame. Most of the actresses try their hand in showing their secret parts in order to get into new headlines which earn them directly some money. Actress Bhavana who was a shy type girl all these days is ready to transform into a sex bomb.Bhavana Portfolio PicturesBhavana Portfolio Pictures 

She reveals that she is ready to show her secrets if the script and the director demands and the only request are that she needs more money. Bhavana in her latest interview hinted that she is ready to wear a Bikini which is the latest fashion of the film industry an supports the though by saying that she has a well carved body.

She is presently acting in “Casanova” and “Sagar alias Jackie” movie and hopes to get some hype and value from these films.

Ankita and Asha Saini are giving bedding pleasures

Ankita who started her Telugu film career through the movie “Lahari Lahari Lahari Lo” is all set to e seen in the next movie titled Tsunami. Presently the movie is in the attic and is waiting for some light from the distributors.

Asha Saini who is also known as Lux Papa has changed her name to Mayuri in order to get some film chances. It is said that this gorgeous looking babe is ready to do anything in order to meet her expenses. The same is being followed by actress Ankita, who is openly revealing that she is willing to show her skin and do spicy item numbers for some good amount.

Recently, a spicy gossip is circulating in the Telugu cinema industry. A well known film producer who was involved in criminal case in the past has asked some bedding favors from Ankita and the pretty girl has accepted for the sake of film offers. It is said that the young girl has slept with the producer on three conditions out of which the first one happens to be that the producer must give small role to her in his mega budget movie, the second condition is that she has to be paid a bomb which includes payments of her Financial dues to a bank and the third and the last one is that the producer must take pleasure from her without much foreplay in order to keep her shapes and sizes intact.

Asha Saini aka Mayuri has done beach photo shoot recently in a red dress which reveals her inner panty and bra. The photographer is said to be a good friend of Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra and has introduced Mayuri to the fashion designer who was interested in draping her as one of his bridal collection models. In favor of this, the photographer was given some bedding pleasure by the sweet and salty actress.

Genelia upset over Ghajini’s success

Guessing what has Genelia got to do with Ghajini’s success. Precisely, she was the first choice for Aamir to pair up with him as she had done a brilliant job in his production ‘Jaane Ya Tu Jaane Na’ starring alongside his nephew Irrfan Khan. However, with Murugadoss urging Aamir Khan to rope in Asin for the show, it was a pull back for Genelia D’ Souza who was quite upset. Fine, with ‘Ghajini’ turning to be the blockbuster of the season, Asin has gone to greater heights. That makes Genelia anxious about losing the opportunity of this film.

Meena excited about 'Kalyanam'

Popular actress Meena is to appear in one more television serial titled Kalyanam. Produced by Sathyajothi Films, the telefilm will be launched in March.

Meena says, "Post Lakshmi, I got a lot of offers to do TV serials but they all seemed to be of the same kind. But the script of Kalyanam excited me as it has an interesting lead character."

The actress is not keen to divulge any more details about her character in the serial. "I can't talk about the finer aspects but it's a role that I’ve never done before," says a visibly excited Meena.
"No one has cast me in such a role and I'm excited about it," she added further.

The actress is also busy with several films including Mariyadhai (opposite Vijaykanth), for which she is currently shooting in Australia.

Sridevi Aunty In Gym

Athiloka Sundari Sridevi is now seating out in Mumbai Suburb gym centre. She is starting her work-out at sharp 7 AM after dropping her kids in school. Her personal physical trainer is helping her for her two hour session.

She is concentrating on shaping her muscle tissue and hide loose flab if any. It is interesting to note that she is not at all bothered about watchful eyes around her but only concentrating on work. She is not finding it a problem to give autographs for a few those ask her in those wee hours of Mumbai.

Well, she can very well carry this gym activity at her home. Why is she coming out? The answer many say is that it is for the publicity. She is now about to act in Mr India sequel to be directed by Sekhar Kapoor.

In fact it becomes publicity for that film. Probably Sridevi must be charging extra bucks for this activity.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aamir Khan and Madhavan on sets of Three idiots

Aamir khan and Madhavan shooting for the movie three iditos. The movie will release in december 2009. It is based off the novel 5 point someone.
Aamir Khan looks like a college kid again. and has he reduced?Aamir Khan and Madhavan on sets of Three idiots 68566

Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during the shooting of her movie Raavan or AshokaVanam in tamil. Ash is Sita in both versions. She is seen here with Prithviraj and Vikram. You can also see Mani ratnam in one of the shots. It is being shot on the banks of Hoogly. Music for the movie is my Oscar winner A R Rahman.
Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68128Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68129Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68130Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68131Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68132

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ravi Teja and Ileana for Kick

Ravi Teja and Ileana for Kick by Surendar Reddy

Ravi Teja and Ileana pair up for a new movie.The movie is named KICK.The name of the movie is registered at film chamber.Surendar Reddy is going to direct this film.This movie will be launched right after Neninthe of Ravi Teja directed by Puri Jagannadh.The movie may go to sets from Febrauary.
The shooting pics and Ileana pics will be uploaded soon

charmi show off

All the best efforts from the actress to save the film 16days have proved futile with the movie getting bad reviews from all quarters; there is hardly anything to look forward to in the film. The films biggest draw no doubt was Charmee but she could not deliver. 

In the backdrop of single heroine hits like Mantra, all expected Charmee to do wonders here, Charmee too did her level best with some glamour show and close kissing scenes but all these plans have backfired.

Film analysts say that this flop will have an impact on her future films like Kavya's Diary, people will be more cautious while going to her film.

sheela yes for lip locks

As all talk about Priyamani's bikini act in Drona, they have all forgotten the sensual and sexy act of Sheela in the film Maska, as a matter-of-fact the film also become a hit and by no means can one discount the contribution of Sheela.

The Malyalee kutty has been extremely cooperative with some good glamour show right from the beginning of her career, it is just that no one has sat up to take notice of her abilities, but now all that is likely to change, with Sheela openly declaring that she will go in for a lip-lock if the script of a film demand.  

This statement from her will surely make producers make a note of the actress, one is sure she will give a run for the money for many heroines if given an opportunity.

A R Rahman Oscar speech

A R Rahman Oscar speech lasted for two minutes.He thanked every one including his musicians in Mumbai,Chennai and his beloved fans all over the world. A R Rahman bagged two Oscars one for best song and other for best score.A R Rahman came to venue along with the Slumdog team and his mother.

This is what he spoke "Before coming, I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like that was during my marriage. There's a dialogue "
Mere paas ma hai," which means "I have nothing but I have a mother," so mother's here, her blessings are there with me.I'm grateful for her to have come all the way. I want to thank Sam Schwartz,all the crew of Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Raqueeb,jury mebers,my musicians.i want to say something in tamil which i normally say after every award which is ella puzhugum iruvan orruvanikein:God is Great."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

into top 100 again

Sania Mirza leafrogged 12 places to be at 75th position in Women's Tennis Association (WTA) charts while Somdev Devvarman climbed four rungs to be at 150th in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings Monday.

Sania has made a stupendous comeback after being sidelined by a wrist injury much of last year, first winning the Australian Open mixed doubles title with compatriot Mahesh Bhupathi and then reaching the Pattaya Open final.

Somdev, who reached the Chennai Open final last month, will be respresenting the country in Davis Cup in Chinese Taipei from March 6.

India's No.2 Prakash Amritraj, meanwhile, is constant at 198.

In the men's doubles, Leader Paes remains at seventh position while Mahesh Bhupathi has dropped a place to sixth. Rohan Bopanna has jumped three places to be at 75th position.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drona movie review

Drona movie is flop for sure.The movie is a big disappoinment to all sections.The screenplay and story are also weak.Priyamani did good job. Her bikini show is only the crowd pulling factor.

Drona(Nithin) runs away from house when he was a child.He(Nithin) grows up and emerges as a robber. He happens to meet his parents and lives with them accidentally, keeping his past in secret with them.The rest of story is why did he start robbery and where did he live all those years .

Comedy track in Drona is handled by Venu Madhav and Sunil.It was not good and could have been better.They tried to imitate some part of Arundhati and could have been handled well.

Climax can be guessed easily and there isnt a single exciting scene in the whole movie.The common thing between first half and second half is that both are uninteresting.Second half has some action scenes which are not effective.

This shows the taste of Nithin in choosing subjects and this is just another flop in his career.

To sum up the only saving grace for this film to reduce the loss to maximum extent is Priyamani's glamour show on posters.

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Boring and time waste

16 days movie review

16 Days is a time waste movie and even the dubbing errors are also clearly visible.16 Days director Prabhu Solomraju immaturity and lack of experience should be blamed.

Gurumurthy(Guru) gets good job after struggling for many years.Charmee who has a strange thing about spending the night at strangers houses when they are not at home. She bumps into Guru's place just like this one day and in no time they get together and even start liking each other. Meanwhile, Guru has his own pressures of reporting to the job and assassinating the son of a dreaded goon.The rest of story is how Guru handled his situation.

16 Days director Prabhu Soloman is not effective in presenting his movie.The movie could have been better. As they planned to release in tamil and telugu, they failed to impress neither telugu nor tamil audience. The audience expected some masala in 16 days after watching the trailers and wallpapers and the movie is a great disappointment to all of them.

Coming to the performance 16 days hero Aravind was ok .Charmee looked more bubblier. Charmis performance seemed more like over action.Comedy was given least importance. The script was good but the execution could have been better. 

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Wont last long in theatres

Friday, February 20, 2009