Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exclusive - interview with A.R. Rahman

Winning laurels at Oscars, A.R. Rahman returned Chennai yesterday and there he met the media channels. brings you the exclusive chat with the Modern Day Mozart who hadn’t given up his simplicity though he had created history.
A.R. Rahman with ‘2 Oscars’ for his ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ speaks…
Much before taking up the project, did you think ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ will win Oscars?
Not at all! I did my earnest best for the film. The film won awards…
How did you feel while receiving the award?
Nothing different from the feel I had while bagging award for ‘Roja’.
Did Director Mani Rathnam greet you?
While I had set to Los Angeles for awards, he greeted me. But then, after reaching Chennai I’ve been trying for his mobile, but he’s not reachable.
Is it true that you will tuning a new melody for ‘Tamizh Thai Vaazthu’?
Sure, once Vairamuthu completes penning lyrics, I will start composing melodies. Also we’re planning to tune ‘Thirukural’.
And now, being an ‘International Personality’ would you score music for new directors?
Definitely, why not. But they should be brimming with a good script and indeed the team should be good. If the film isn’t fine, audiences will throw even the music.
How come did you speak Oscars at Award Function?
It was an intrinsic feeling and my inner soul urged me to do so.
You have been composing for enormous films. Can you tell us which film did you think would fetch Oscars?
I was so confident that Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ would take on for a great show. Your opinion about criticisms of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’…
It’s only in our country we treat dogs so badly. But in foreign countries they are taken care as pets with more respect.
We heard that you’re going to come up with new plans in your Trust….
Surely, all my concern is about eradicating poverty throughout the World that none should struggle for their basic necessities.
How do you feel about Sri Lankan issue?
Not just in Sri Lanka, I always pray that there should be peace all throughout the globe and everyone should live happily without wars.
Any plans about getting into politics?
Oh!! (Laughs) Definitely not…
So, how would you like to connect ‘Oscars’ with ‘Tamil Cinema’ now?
At the moment, a strong bridge has been established between our Tamil Film Industry and ‘Oscars’. Youngsters inspired by this should go ahead fulfilling their dreams with the mantra ‘Nothing is impossible’…
Finally, A.R. Rahman lifting his Oscars for photo session thanked everyone for being supportive to him. He took off so gently with an enchanting smile…


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