Saturday, December 5, 2009

Charmee Raring To Wear Bikini

With bikinis raining in Tollywood one heroine who is feeling left out is Charmee who is desperately waiting to get into the sexy attire and prove to the world what a sexy figure she has.

Charmee apparently has been left out of the rat race as she has not been offered the type of roles in last year or she, the actress is being confined to small budget films which have more banked on her acting skills and not on her glamour quotient.

But the actress now feels it is high time that she too jumps into the bikini bandwagon and if insider news is to be believed then she is in touch with some directors (read Krishna Vamsi) to create space in their movies for her bikini acts, one thing is sure and that is, we will all see the hot Charmee in a bikini sooner or later.


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