Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ankita and Asha Saini are giving bedding pleasures

Ankita who started her Telugu film career through the movie “Lahari Lahari Lahari Lo” is all set to e seen in the next movie titled Tsunami. Presently the movie is in the attic and is waiting for some light from the distributors.

Asha Saini who is also known as Lux Papa has changed her name to Mayuri in order to get some film chances. It is said that this gorgeous looking babe is ready to do anything in order to meet her expenses. The same is being followed by actress Ankita, who is openly revealing that she is willing to show her skin and do spicy item numbers for some good amount.

Recently, a spicy gossip is circulating in the Telugu cinema industry. A well known film producer who was involved in criminal case in the past has asked some bedding favors from Ankita and the pretty girl has accepted for the sake of film offers. It is said that the young girl has slept with the producer on three conditions out of which the first one happens to be that the producer must give small role to her in his mega budget movie, the second condition is that she has to be paid a bomb which includes payments of her Financial dues to a bank and the third and the last one is that the producer must take pleasure from her without much foreplay in order to keep her shapes and sizes intact.

Asha Saini aka Mayuri has done beach photo shoot recently in a red dress which reveals her inner panty and bra. The photographer is said to be a good friend of Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra and has introduced Mayuri to the fashion designer who was interested in draping her as one of his bridal collection models. In favor of this, the photographer was given some bedding pleasure by the sweet and salty actress.


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