Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A R Rahman Oscar speech

A R Rahman Oscar speech lasted for two minutes.He thanked every one including his musicians in Mumbai,Chennai and his beloved fans all over the world. A R Rahman bagged two Oscars one for best song and other for best score.A R Rahman came to venue along with the Slumdog team and his mother.

This is what he spoke "Before coming, I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like that was during my marriage. There's a dialogue "
Mere paas ma hai," which means "I have nothing but I have a mother," so mother's here, her blessings are there with me.I'm grateful for her to have come all the way. I want to thank Sam Schwartz,all the crew of Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Raqueeb,jury mebers,my musicians.i want to say something in tamil which i normally say after every award which is ella puzhugum iruvan orruvanikein:God is Great."


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