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Aamir Khan and Madhavan on sets of Three idiots

Aamir khan and Madhavan shooting for the movie three iditos. The movie will release in december 2009. It is based off the novel 5 point someone.
Aamir Khan looks like a college kid again. and has he reduced?Aamir Khan and Madhavan on sets of Three idiots 68566

Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during the shooting of her movie Raavan or AshokaVanam in tamil. Ash is Sita in both versions. She is seen here with Prithviraj and Vikram. You can also see Mani ratnam in one of the shots. It is being shot on the banks of Hoogly. Music for the movie is my Oscar winner A R Rahman.
Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68128Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68129Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68130Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68131Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Raavan 68132

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ravi Teja and Ileana for Kick

Ravi Teja and Ileana for Kick by Surendar Reddy

Ravi Teja and Ileana pair up for a new movie.The movie is named KICK.The name of the movie is registered at film chamber.Surendar Reddy is going to direct this film.This movie will be launched right after Neninthe of Ravi Teja directed by Puri Jagannadh.The movie may go to sets from Febrauary.
The shooting pics and Ileana pics will be uploaded soon

charmi show off

All the best efforts from the actress to save the film 16days have proved futile with the movie getting bad reviews from all quarters; there is hardly anything to look forward to in the film. The films biggest draw no doubt was Charmee but she could not deliver. 

In the backdrop of single heroine hits like Mantra, all expected Charmee to do wonders here, Charmee too did her level best with some glamour show and close kissing scenes but all these plans have backfired.

Film analysts say that this flop will have an impact on her future films like Kavya's Diary, people will be more cautious while going to her film.

sheela yes for lip locks

As all talk about Priyamani's bikini act in Drona, they have all forgotten the sensual and sexy act of Sheela in the film Maska, as a matter-of-fact the film also become a hit and by no means can one discount the contribution of Sheela.

The Malyalee kutty has been extremely cooperative with some good glamour show right from the beginning of her career, it is just that no one has sat up to take notice of her abilities, but now all that is likely to change, with Sheela openly declaring that she will go in for a lip-lock if the script of a film demand.  

This statement from her will surely make producers make a note of the actress, one is sure she will give a run for the money for many heroines if given an opportunity.

A R Rahman Oscar speech

A R Rahman Oscar speech lasted for two minutes.He thanked every one including his musicians in Mumbai,Chennai and his beloved fans all over the world. A R Rahman bagged two Oscars one for best song and other for best score.A R Rahman came to venue along with the Slumdog team and his mother.

This is what he spoke "Before coming, I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like that was during my marriage. There's a dialogue "
Mere paas ma hai," which means "I have nothing but I have a mother," so mother's here, her blessings are there with me.I'm grateful for her to have come all the way. I want to thank Sam Schwartz,all the crew of Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Raqueeb,jury mebers,my musicians.i want to say something in tamil which i normally say after every award which is ella puzhugum iruvan orruvanikein:God is Great."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

into top 100 again

Sania Mirza leafrogged 12 places to be at 75th position in Women's Tennis Association (WTA) charts while Somdev Devvarman climbed four rungs to be at 150th in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings Monday.

Sania has made a stupendous comeback after being sidelined by a wrist injury much of last year, first winning the Australian Open mixed doubles title with compatriot Mahesh Bhupathi and then reaching the Pattaya Open final.

Somdev, who reached the Chennai Open final last month, will be respresenting the country in Davis Cup in Chinese Taipei from March 6.

India's No.2 Prakash Amritraj, meanwhile, is constant at 198.

In the men's doubles, Leader Paes remains at seventh position while Mahesh Bhupathi has dropped a place to sixth. Rohan Bopanna has jumped three places to be at 75th position.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drona movie review

Drona movie is flop for sure.The movie is a big disappoinment to all sections.The screenplay and story are also weak.Priyamani did good job. Her bikini show is only the crowd pulling factor.

Drona(Nithin) runs away from house when he was a child.He(Nithin) grows up and emerges as a robber. He happens to meet his parents and lives with them accidentally, keeping his past in secret with them.The rest of story is why did he start robbery and where did he live all those years .

Comedy track in Drona is handled by Venu Madhav and Sunil.It was not good and could have been better.They tried to imitate some part of Arundhati and could have been handled well.

Climax can be guessed easily and there isnt a single exciting scene in the whole movie.The common thing between first half and second half is that both are uninteresting.Second half has some action scenes which are not effective.

This shows the taste of Nithin in choosing subjects and this is just another flop in his career.

To sum up the only saving grace for this film to reduce the loss to maximum extent is Priyamani's glamour show on posters.

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Boring and time waste

16 days movie review

16 Days is a time waste movie and even the dubbing errors are also clearly visible.16 Days director Prabhu Solomraju immaturity and lack of experience should be blamed.

Gurumurthy(Guru) gets good job after struggling for many years.Charmee who has a strange thing about spending the night at strangers houses when they are not at home. She bumps into Guru's place just like this one day and in no time they get together and even start liking each other. Meanwhile, Guru has his own pressures of reporting to the job and assassinating the son of a dreaded goon.The rest of story is how Guru handled his situation.

16 Days director Prabhu Soloman is not effective in presenting his movie.The movie could have been better. As they planned to release in tamil and telugu, they failed to impress neither telugu nor tamil audience. The audience expected some masala in 16 days after watching the trailers and wallpapers and the movie is a great disappointment to all of them.

Coming to the performance 16 days hero Aravind was ok .Charmee looked more bubblier. Charmis performance seemed more like over action.Comedy was given least importance. The script was good but the execution could have been better. 

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Wont last long in theatres

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Priyanka Chopra dating scottish actor?

It’s raining men in Priyanka Chopra's life. After her on-and-off relationship with Harman Baweja, and, rumours of her growing closeness with Shahid Kapur, there are murmurs in the industry that Priyanka is bonding big time with Scottish actor Gerard Butler (of 300 and P.S. I Love You, f a m e ) . Priyanka and Gerard first met at the inauguration of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai’s latest iconic luxury resort, in November 2008. The two have been in regular touch with other. A friend of Priyanka tells Mumbai Mirror, “Since November, Priyanka and Gerard have kept in touch via phone calls and SMSes.” 

According to sources, Priyanka and Gerard had actually hit it off at the party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai, soon after the inauguration of the luxury resort. Today, Priyanka and Gerard share a deep bond. 
Priyanka’s official spokesperson did not deny the ‘dostana’ between Priyanka and Gerard. She said, “Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since.’ 

Buzz is that Priyanka and Gerard recently had lunch and coffee together in Chicago where Priyanka was shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee? Though Priyanka’s official spokesperson refused to confirm this, a friend of Priyanka tells us that the couple did spend some quality time together. “A couple of Priyanka’s cousins who stay in Chicago accompanied Priyanka and Gerard.” 

P.S.: Harman Baweja and Shahid Kapur, are you listening? As for Gerard, he has been linked to many women including, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Naomi Campbell. 

Funniest Avatars

They have been there, done that and we have caught it all through these pics. Flip on and have a hearty laugh as Indiatimes Movies presents some of the most adorable Bollywood stars in their funniest avatars! 


Asin! Are you trying to scare our little Jiah

Is Anushka replacing Parvathi Melton?

The long awaited film ‘Varudu’ starring Mahesh Babu to be directed by Trivikram Srinivas is finally set to start rolling from 18th this month. Singanamala Ramesh produces the film on Kanakarathna Movies banner.

Again, a new hurdle is one the way for the crew. Parvathi Melton was decided upon to play the heroine earlier but a change might occur in the cast, says reliable sources. Anushka might step in to Parvathi’s shoes and play the main heroine. The script has space for one more heroine who is yet to be finalized. ‘Varudu’ will most probably be the confirmed title and during initial stages of shooting action scene will be shot choreographed by stunt master VT Vijayan.

With surmounting expectations after Mahesh – Trivikram’s ‘Athadu’, this upcoming film is being made with a view to appeal the mass. Filming will be carried out in the locales of Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Nasik and South Africa.

SNEHA, SHRIYA, TRISHA and one place, come enjoy their MAST show

subha lakshmi

Shriya is paired with Vikram in the bilingual film Kandasamy in Tamil and Mallanna in Telugu. This film is directed by Susi Ganesan and produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. This film is likely to hit the screens in May.

Shriya plays the role of Subhalakshmi who has the attitude of a modern day independent girl. The dynamic Subhalakshmi is rich and glamorous and returns to India after getting educated overseas.

Subhalakshmi is confronted by the enormous difference between the rich and poor in the country. Then, she happens to meet Kandasamy/ Mallanna and a love-hate relationship develops between them.

What they do to the rich-poor divide in the society forms the crux of the story

Navneeth Kaur as chennai prostitute

:Navneeth kaur has been selected to play the lead female role in the untitled film. This film will be a carbon copy of bollywood hit CHAMELI which featured Kareena Kapoor ion the lead. It is said that will play a roadside prostitute role in this film who falls in love with one of her customers who impresses her with her innocence.
Still the rest of the story cast has to be finalized. But the buxom babe of Punjab is sure that she would do a justification to the charter and will succeed in mimicking Kareena of Chameli. This film will be remade into an emotional stuff with lot of skin show added to this. Navneeth will be paid almost 25 lakhs and she has to expose her whole bosom except her nipples in most of the scenes. She will be cupped with a black bra and will be draped in a red transparent blouse which will expose her shaped bosom fully.
If Navneeth succeed in impressing the audience then she may get a variety of roles in her coming film career

trisha worries!!!!

Trisha is known to all hero's as a good going heroine, she will have personal rapport with everybody. Right from Vijay till Vikram and in Telugu its till Mahesh Babu the same closeness he maintains. She has got talent to grab chances with this rapport she builds in. In Tamil she has no big flicks during 2009. Even during 2008 she did not have any big flicks to her credit and she started getting her body massaged quite often. May be but for this her body is getting lot of wrinkles day by day and she is looking more aged. She is calling up all her contacts in the industry to grab chances as many as she can with a mindset to make hay when sun shines

Nithin seduced by Priyamani!!!

It must be said that stylish star Nithin is one guy who has been born with a silver spoon of luck. Despite the fact that he has not been able to deliver a single hit in the recent past, he is still managing to pair up with some of the best in the business and that too for some prestigious banners.

Now, the hottest buzz making rounds in the tinsel town is the news of his forthcoming venture 'Drona'. Apparently, the bikini act of the leading lady 
Priyamani is the highlight of this and not stopping at that, here seems to be an icing on the cake. There is news that this buxom beauty has also gone ahead with a steamy and seductive number which has soared the temperatures of the surroundings.

Amidst all this, the man who has been fortunate enough to get a truly memorable and personal experience is our very own stylish star. Those who have known him are fully envious of him and those who do not are praying that even they get lucky like Nithin when it comes to hanging around with hot bodied women

Inside Look Of Hot and Sexy Priyamani

She may not come across as a very stunning angel of beauty but then there is a charisma about the way her eyes shine and the charm she spreads when she smiles. She is none other than the dusky actress Priyamani who is known for her buxom beauty but her acting prowess seems to be overshadowing her looks. Here are few excerpts about this talented girl:

Success story:
These days, Priyamani is having the cake and eating it too and this goes well with her as she has been bestowed with not one but two rare achievements in the form of the prestigious National Award for her role in the Tamil film 'Paruthiveeran' and again the Film Fare award for the same role and the same film. Speaking about it, she says that the credit goes to the director Ameer who entrusted his faith in her and she reciprocated by getting into the film even without reading the script. Priyamani now joins the league of legends like Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Shobhana and others and she happens to be the first heroine in Tamil to get this in a span of nearly 20 years.

Bikini Priyamani In Men's Hostels

If you are curious to know as to who is the hottest heroine in the state right now then it is not the popularity charts or the ratings that you must check, the best place to know the real situation is to get to the men's hostels and you will know for yourself as to who is the ruling queen of hearts.

As per the latest reports, it is said that the hottest babe in the circuit is none other than buxom beauty Priyamani and ever since she has donned the role of a girl in bikini for her forthcoming venture 'Drona', her heat seems to have caught up with many of the men's hostels in the state.

Till sometime back, it was Anushka and Priyamani who has already revealed her oomph through the stills of the wet song that she has done with Nithin has overtaken all and has reserved her place. The inside experts say that it will be a while before her place might be taken by someone else

Anushka With Mahesh Babu In Varudu

The long awaited film of Mahesh Babu, tentatively titled as Varudu, directed by Trivikram Srinivas is finally going on to floors on February 18, but without Parvathi Melton.

Parvathi was announced as the female lead for the film, but the shooting of the film was delayed by almost 6 months. It is reported that Parvathi’s mother met with an accident and she had to go to take care of her mother and so dropped herself from the project

According to reports, Ileana and Nayantara were contacted and talks are on with Anushka, whose film Arundhathi is breaking all box office records. Anushka is now shooting for Prabhas’ Billa and said to be the most ikely candidate to replace Parvathi Melton in Mahesh Babu’s.

Kamal Hassan makes Trisha wait for a month

Kamal Hassan has announced and is busy with his Bollywood film” A Wednesday” remake in Tamil and will shoot for the film for almost three months in a stretch. The shooting date is yet to be confirmed, while Mohanlal will play the police cop character in this film.

The movie will also have screen space for actress Shriya and Padmapriya and may also rope in another actress from south. But after shelving the magnum opus “Marmayogi” it is said that Kamal is not in contact with Trisha and so the petite beauty is miffed a bit with the kollywood stalwart. 

It is reported that Trisha is eagerly waiting for a call from Kamal Hassan to play a small portion in the Hindi remake which is in the making in Tamil. But Kamal is said to be thinking to starts his Marmayogi soon and so wants to keep the dates of 200 for that film only. 

Kamal made a call to Trisha on this issue last week and asked her to be patient as his shelved project Marmayogi is soon going to be taken up from March 15th. He also informed her that she will have no role in his latest Hindi remake.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Superstar Krishna to remake ‘Simhasanam’ with Mahesh Babu

Superstar Krishna seems to planning to remake ‘Simhasanam’ with Mahesh Babu. It is heard that Rajamouli approached Krishna to allow him to use the sets of ‘Simhasanam’, a block buster movie released in 1987.

However, Krishna is reportedly refused his request politely and further told him that he was planning to remake the movie. However, it is known when this movie will commence. Let us hope that we will see Mahesh Babu in a great role played by his father.

tamanna in love

Actress Tamanna is in love now. This is the hot gossip that is making rounds in Kollywood as well as Tollywood circles. We all know that she is busy with 'Konchem Istanga Konchem Kashtanga' along with Siddhartha.

The gossip says that Sid, who was in love with Soha Ali Khan for some time earlier, is now free. Soha has shunned him recently and hence this divorced hero is roaming around Tamanna.

Indeed, 'Happy Days' made Tamanna popular and we have to understand that this fresh Sid's link up with her will not harm her at all but push her career further. All the best Tamanna.

illeana out of venky's movie

Young and ravishing beauty Ileana, one of the most wanted heroines, so far acted only with young heroes with the exception of Ravi Teja. She has not been cast opposite any senior heroes till date. For the first time she was declared as the heroine in Venky – Sreenu Vytla’s film. But it’s learnt through unconfirmed sources that she is now refusing to act with Venkatesh, the reason being that he is an aged hero. If this is true, then what is the logic behind her acting with Ravi Teja? -(ragalahari)

Tamanna's Sari Arrested In 'Deep Navel'

She is known as the milk white beauty of the Telugu industry and though she made her entry few years back, no one knew what she is made of until the film 'Happy Days' happened. Since then on, there has been no turning back for this pretty starlet and she is now the hottest property in the entire southern circuit.

She is none other than Tamannah Bhatia and as it is she has been a stunner in modern outfits and now she has shown her oomph by donning the traditional sari too. Here again, she has revealed what her true material is made of when the blue sari simply immersed itself among the folds of her highly enticing navel.

The interesting fact about Tamannah is it is not just the way her sari is getting twisted but those eyes that are so full of passion and temptation that it gets real hard for a man to stay still for long. There are many who have been spending sleepless nights, thanks to Tamannah and when she arrives with such revealing poses then things get even more difficult for the iron hearted.

diamond in sruthi hasan's navel

Being the children of celebrities is always a challenging one in itself given the amount of publicity and media glare one has to come across from a tender age. Things get more intense when the kids happen to be sons of big stars. One such person is the beautiful Shruti Haasan better known as the daughter of the iconic Kamal Haasan.

Though she is yet to hit the silver screen, enough hype and sensation has been created around her arrival and not to forget, Shruti happens to be a fantastic singer. Meanwhile, she has become the focus of attention everywhere she has been going, especially during the film events or the regular parties in the circuit.

Recently, she was spotted in this rather stunning Sari and to add to the glamour, Shruti had a diamond of sorts fitted to her beautiful navel that made her look more attractive. Given the features of her handsome father and sensationally beautiful mother, those who got to see Shruti could not take their eyes off her and especially her diamond filled navel

Pavan Kalyan to contest from Kadapa?

Pavan Kalyan to contest from Kadapa?

Pavan Kalyan to contest from Kadapa?

A rumor made rounds in PRP circles that Chiranjeevi is planning to field his brother Pavan Kalyan in the coming elections from Kadapa Parliament seat.

If Pavan Kalyan contests from Kadapa, it may boost up the spirit of PRP in the district as well as in Rayalaseema region, where PRP is very week. If the rumor turns true, Pavan may have to contest against Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, son of YS Rajashekara Reddy.

Mahesh Babu’s son Goutham in ‘Thums Up’ ad

Mahesh Babu’s son Goutham in ‘Thums Up’ ad

Mahesh Babu is reported to appear with his son Gowtham in a short ad of Thums Up. It is reported that the advertisement was canned a few days ago. The ad may be telecast shortly. Interestingly, Akhil, son of Nagarjuna, acted in a children’s movie titled ‘Sisindri’ when he was just a few months old kid. Now, Mahesh Babu’s son is about to break the record. ‘Sisindri’ was made in order to raise funds for the activities of Amala’s Blue cross society while Goutham is set to appear in a pure commercial ad.  

'I have security guards now'

It’s hard not to recognise her — she’s there on almost every show aired on Telugu TV channels. It’s also hard not to notice that she’s the tallest one around and her smile just lights up the set as she anchors shows with aplomb with her typical racy chatter.

Udaya Bhanu, who is one of the highest paid TV anchors in the state, has clearly cashed in on the popularity of reality shows and has about nine shows to her credit including game shows and dance shows.

There were reports recently that she was mobbed by a group of youngsters during the shooting of a television programme. Does she feel secure after that incident? “I have security guards now. In addition to that, most of the time I’m accompanied by my husband,” says the lady who acted in films like Posani Krishna’s Aapadamokkulavadu. 

Tabu in love with Raja?

"I am an actor for the cosmo crowd, a multiplex hero. I have never done films for the masses," says Raja. But isn't that tough, considering the popularity of Telugu movies are made or marred by the masses? "I don't have the herd mentality. If the character is good and the story makes a little sense, I do it. Otherwise, I politely say 'thank you.' I am an actor for small budget filmmakers and they know my worth," he says.

For an actor who has no godfather or father in the industry, it's been an uphill climb, and he says, "Thank god, I am still afloat." People still recognise him as the hero of Anand and that tag still sticks to him. "A few films always make me proud. And I think any artiste who wants to be known as an actor should have three to four such films," he says.

Last year, he also turned distributor with Mr Medhavi in the overseas market. "It did pretty well. I liked the film and decided to promote it. I am branching out but I will remain an actor first," he says. Although last year wasn't a great year for his acting career with Mr Medhavi the only one to do decent business, he's looking forward to this year's line-up. "I have films like Jagan Mohini, Samarthudu and Sontha Ooru. I play the role of a physically challenged person in Sontha Ooru. It's a love story but of a different kind. Irrespective of whether the film does well, I had a lot of satisfaction essaying the role. The filmmakers had a physically challenged boy on the sets so I could observe him," he says.

The young actor has a charitable side which he doesn't let the world know about. "It's something I don't like to talk about," he says. But when we prod him, he reluctantly says, "I help whenever I can through my charitable organisation. We provided cycles for the handicapped, tricycles and donated money to the needy." Is this what motivated him to join politics? "Yeah, it's a bigger platform and I would get bigger support. Also, I like Rajasekhar Reddy's policies."

He's one of those few actors down South who have the look to make it in Bollywood, but he doesn't want to move. "I want to stay in Tollywood. Not that Bollywood is bad. In fact stars there don't mind experimenting, something we don't have here. But I don't have the patience to struggle all over again. I am too lazy and I am comfortable here," he says.

And what about being linked with Tabu? "We worked together in Idi Sangathi.We happened to share some ideas. All we had was a verbal communication and people started linking us. Tabu was upset and we even stopped talking. It's been about eight or nine months. She has an image and I don't want to complicate that," he says

Sherya steals Genelia's show?

Svelte actress Shriya was expected to create a whirlwind in Kollywood after the big hit 'Sivaji' starring Rajinikanth. But, alas! She for odd reasons decided to test waters in Bollywood and as if it isn't enough, she ventured into Hollywood, the same year. Despite the prayers of her fans, she faced a debacle with her dream projects.

The big time Bollywood dud 'Mission Istanbul' nearly erased Shriya's name from their records while Asin soared to unexpected fame with the blockbuster 'Ghajini'. Shriya's role of a call center employee in 'The Other End of the Line' didn't do her any good either. The flick went off without a trace in the Hollywood market. Now, she is back to the pavilion betting high hopes against her Kollywood ventures 'Kanthaswamy' with Vikram and Vishal's 'Thoranai'. She is determined to regain her fame in Tamil cinema and has taken the first step.

Rumors are abuzz stating that Shriya has replaced Genelia and will be pairing up with Arya, in the untitled film to be directed by Manikandan, a former associate of cinematographer - director Jeeva. Preethi Rao, sister of Amritha Rao plays the second heroine in the film which will go to the floors soon.