Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chiru reveals the secret behind his name

Chiru was speaking to channel yesterday said ' It was 1978, My first film Punadhi Rallu released. When I saw my name Siva Shankara Prasad on screen, I felt odd with that lengthy name'. One day, I had a dream-In that dream , I was offering prayers to lord in a temple, a friend from out side the temple was calling me as Chiranjeevi raaa. Immediately I asked him whom you are calling, he replied as 'you'.; till that time, I don't know that there is name called Chiranjeevi.'

Chiru further adds ' I explained everything about my dream to my mother, She said that she is the devotee of Anjaneya Swami and Chiranjeevi is the other name for the Lord, and asked me to think about the Chiranjeevi name for screen name in the films'.

One day, in a interview with media, they have asked my name and I replied it as 'Chiranjeevi'. In that way, still I feel Lord Hanuman was the friend who called me Chiranjeevi in my dream'.


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