Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drona movie review

Drona movie is flop for sure.The movie is a big disappoinment to all sections.The screenplay and story are also weak.Priyamani did good job. Her bikini show is only the crowd pulling factor.

Drona(Nithin) runs away from house when he was a child.He(Nithin) grows up and emerges as a robber. He happens to meet his parents and lives with them accidentally, keeping his past in secret with them.The rest of story is why did he start robbery and where did he live all those years .

Comedy track in Drona is handled by Venu Madhav and Sunil.It was not good and could have been better.They tried to imitate some part of Arundhati and could have been handled well.

Climax can be guessed easily and there isnt a single exciting scene in the whole movie.The common thing between first half and second half is that both are uninteresting.Second half has some action scenes which are not effective.

This shows the taste of Nithin in choosing subjects and this is just another flop in his career.

To sum up the only saving grace for this film to reduce the loss to maximum extent is Priyamani's glamour show on posters.

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Boring and time waste


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