Saturday, February 21, 2009

16 days movie review

16 Days is a time waste movie and even the dubbing errors are also clearly visible.16 Days director Prabhu Solomraju immaturity and lack of experience should be blamed.

Gurumurthy(Guru) gets good job after struggling for many years.Charmee who has a strange thing about spending the night at strangers houses when they are not at home. She bumps into Guru's place just like this one day and in no time they get together and even start liking each other. Meanwhile, Guru has his own pressures of reporting to the job and assassinating the son of a dreaded goon.The rest of story is how Guru handled his situation.

16 Days director Prabhu Soloman is not effective in presenting his movie.The movie could have been better. As they planned to release in tamil and telugu, they failed to impress neither telugu nor tamil audience. The audience expected some masala in 16 days after watching the trailers and wallpapers and the movie is a great disappointment to all of them.

Coming to the performance 16 days hero Aravind was ok .Charmee looked more bubblier. Charmis performance seemed more like over action.Comedy was given least importance. The script was good but the execution could have been better. 

TollyReview Rating : 1/5
Public Talk : Wont last long in theatres


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